February 10, 2015

Conducting International Relations with Autocracies

DGAP Yearbook, vol. 30 (2014): Außenpolitik mit Autokratien (Conducting International Relations with Autocracies)

How stable are authoritarian states? Should Germany cultivate relations with autocracies – be it to promote business interests, address security concerns, or protect human rights? And, if so, with which ones? Which of the available means – dialogue, business support, development aid, or sanctions – are best suited to reaching what ends? How do other democratic regimes deal with authoritarian regimes?


Over fifty experts from academia, business, and government contributed to the volume, exploring a range of policy options.

“This yearbook from the German Council on Foreign Relations continues the fine tradition of fostering constructive exchange between scholarship and political praxis. I am pleased to recommend it."

—–Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, December 2014.

Contact: Dr. Josef Braml
Ordering information: Oldenbourg Verlag
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Bibliographic data

DGAP Yearbook, Volume 30, Published by DeGruyter Oldenbourg, December 2014, 480 pages (in German)