How you can support our research

By supporting DGAP’s research, you can promote studies and solution-oriented  policy recommendations andenable academically excellent, scientifically sound, independent and action-focused analysis on the most pressing challenges in German and European foreign and security policy. All DGAP studies are freely available, shape and impact public debate, and reach high-level decision-makers from politics and business, which also guarantees wide visibility for your support.

If you suupport us in a policy area of special interest to you can furthermore benefit from our expertise to understand the geopolitical, geo-economic and regional backgrounds of global developments and learn about potential scenarios,  policy options, and strategies.

  • In order to complement our research, DGAP also facilitates constructive exchanges of strategy, information and perspectives., such as:Interactive events with our members
  • Larger conferences for interested members of the public
  • Workshops with experts and political decision-makers
  • Confidential strategy meetings between European or German decision-makers

We organize events in Berlin, in our regional forums or online. If you become a supporter of DGAP, you can of course become an active part of these events and profit from the discussion of political backgrounds, strategic scenarios and development of the recommendations for action.

How you can support our impact and operability

In times of increasingly complex global political challenges, which are more and more difficult to comprehend and navigate for both political decision-makers and the general public, the challenges for foreign policy institutions and think tanks such as the DGAP have also grown substantially. For us to continue increasing our impact in this more complex environment, we need strengthened resources. By contributing to our infrastructure, you enable us to perform our tasks even more effectively.

You can make a contribution to our impact and operability by:

  • Making a one-off or regular donation to the Association (unrestricted or to support a specific area),
  • Making a donation by will,
  • Making a donation to the DGAP Foundation.

Leave a legacy

We offer the most generous supporters of our work the opportunity to have their name associated with us permanently and to remain visible in the long term as one of the most important sponsors of our tradition-rich institution and mission.

Ways to have your name associated with the German Council on Foreign Relations permanently:

  • Naming of a DGAP research center to provide long-term support to one of our research areas that you are particularly passionate about and guarantee it a lasting, sturdy foundation. In every activity, publication and piece of external communication by the research center, your name will be visible as a driver of leading research in this field.
  • Naming of a fellowship if you want to ensure that there will always be an expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations in an area of our work that is particularly important to you. Your name will be visible in all of the fellow’s publications as a supporter of outstanding research in this field.
  • Help us to maintain and expand the historic building of our headquarters and immortalize your name in our building, so that the meetings and events in our rooms, which are steeped in tradition and history, will be associated with your memory.

Guidelines to ensure the independence of our research

Independence, non-partisanship and scientific openness are the hard standards as well as the greatest assets of the German Council on Foreign Relations. The Code of Conduct of the German Council on Foreign Relations ensures compliance with these standards.


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