German-Italian Young Leaders Dialogue – Spinelli Forum

Germany and Italy, both founding members of the European Union, are close partners. Despite strong cultural and societal ties, tensions and misperceptions in their bilateral relations have increased – particularly since the economic and debt crisis of 2010.

Common challenges such as the competitiveness of European economies, new security threats, climate change, and the technological revolution, are impossible to overcome without close cooperation between both countries. Therefore, strengthening the dialogue between Germany and Italy is indispensable to improving mutual understanding in Europe.

Against this background, the DGAP and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) – on the initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – have decided to promote exchange between the younger generations of both countries.

The “German-Italian Young Leaders Dialogue – Spinelli Forum” will establish a permanent network for young leaders from the fields of politics, business, science, civil society, media, and culture in both countries. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and political decision-makers in order to develop solutions to current European challenges and provide new impetus for a close partnership between Germany and Italy.

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