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Think Tanks in Times of Disruptive Change

Our world is changing rapidly. In disruptive and uncertain times, the need for the orientation that think tanks provide increases. However, trust in experts is decreasing and “alternative facts” travel faster than profound analyses. With public discourse polarized, constructive dialogue across political camps has become more necessary – and more difficult. While the pandemic has highlighted the need for cross-sectoral cooperation on society’s biggest challenges, it has simultaneously reduced the opportunities for personal exchange dramatically. In the past year, much of the work that think tanks do has moved online, allowing us to reach wider audiences but also giving rise to information overload.

Such complexity has made think tank work more demanding yet more important than ever. For think tanks to adapt to these new circumstances and fulfill their collective responsibility to inform policy-making processes to the best possible extent, they need to continually rethink how to leverage their potential and add value to the democratic policy process. To achieve this, think tanks must burst the filter bubble, foster diversity and controversy, and systematically develop their staff and organizations. Moreover, they must address the continual challenge of finding new and effective modes of engagement with policy-makers and the public.

To achieve this, think tanks need to venture on new paths and learn from each other.

The Think Tank Lab aims to help think tanks realize these ambitions.

Our Mission

The Think Tank Lab supports the co-creative advancement of the German think tank landscape with targeted activities in three areas:

  1. Strengthening peer learning and cooperation in and between think tanks
  2. Offering training to think tank employees
  3. Crowdsourcing good practices and testing new approaches to impact-oriented think tank work

While, initially, our activities are primarily aimed at think tanks and policy-oriented research institutes based in Germany, we also seek to promote exchange with the wider European and international think tank community.


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Diversity in Think Tanks

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Project Pillars

Community of Practice
Community of Practice


Think Tank School
Think Tank School
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Think Tank Toolbox



Past events

Community Workshop 2022
09:30 - 11:30 | 26 Jan 2022

Think Tank Lab Community Workshop

Lessons from the Pilot Phase and Co-creating the Think Tank Lab’s Agenda for 2022
Think Tank Veranstaltung

From Tank To Lab

How We Want To Advance Co-Creation
Roderick Kefferpütz
Claire Luzia Leifert
Online Commentary

Sounding Board

The Sounding Board brings together experts from politics, business, civil society, academia, and the media to advise the Think Tank Lab on the development of a long-term strategy and a sustainable funding model. The Sounding Board meets twice a year in Berlin. Participation in the Sounding Board is on a voluntary basis. 



Das Think Tank Lab ist eine gemeinsame Initiative der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP) und des Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). Es wird gefördert von der Stiftung Mercator und der Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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