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The Sources of China’s Innovativeness

Why China’s “Unstoppable” Innovation Powerhouse Might Falter

Western governments appear to fear that China is an ­innovation power­house on an almost unstoppable path to dominating ­future technologies. This is quite a turnaround. Only a few years ago, Western policies were crafted on the assumption that China was a copycat incapable of innovation. A focus on Intellectual Property theft as the Chinese “sin” that drove China’s technological development led many in the West to miss what I have identified as the “Five Virtues” that have made China the innovation powerhouse it is today. China’s future success is not ­in­evitable, however, but dependent on a delicate policy ecosystem.

Dr. Tim Rühlig

China “De-risking”

A Long Way from Political Statements to Corporate Action
Ole Spillner
Prof. Dr. Guntram Wolff
Policy Brief

Toxische Türöffner

Smart Ports als geoökonomisches Handlungsfeld
Dr. Heiko Borchert
Dr. Tim Rühlig
Dr. Valentin Weber
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