Decarbonization Solutions for Addressing Europe’s Green Industrial Policy Challenge

20 March 2023
Event location
Paris, France
Invitation type
Invitation only


This joined Workshop on "Decarbonization solutions for addressing Europe's green industrial policy challenge", organized in collaboration with DGAP, Atlantic Council and the Groupe d'études géopolitiques, brought together experts, industry leaders, and policymakers to discuss the future of green industrial policy in Europe. The event aimed to address key challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The workshop began with a keynote address by H.E. Laurence Boone, Secretary of State for European Affairs at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by a moderated opening conversation. The discussion was chaired by Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Future of Diplomacy Project, and Dr. Guntram Wolff, CEO of the German Council on Foreign Relations. Panelists included Ms. Kerstin Jorna, Director General at the European Commission's DG GROW; Mr. Benoît Potier, CEO of Air Liquide; and Dr. Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation.

The following private workshop featured three panels:

  1. Green Industrial Policy: A Transatlantic Perspective

  2. European Infrastructures and Market Design after Nord Stream 2

  3. Financial Resources for Decarbonization 

Watch the public part of the workshop here: