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Brexit and the Shape of EU Power to Come
How is Britain’s vote to leave the UK going to affect the EU and its weight in the rest of the world?
by Claire Demesmay, Stefan Meister, Jana Puglierin, Julian Rappold, Henning Riecke, Eberhard Sandschneider, Gereon Schuch
Brexit and the Shape of EU Power to Come
What will the effects of Brexit be on the balance of power within the EU, particular between Germany and France? How have the Visegrad States responded? Does Brexit Represent a Victory for Putin? What does Brexit mean for security cooperation between the US and the EU? And what about China? We asked DGAP experts to weigh in.
Category: European Union, United Kingdom
After Paris
What are the Political Consequences of the Attacks within Europe and beyond?
by Claire Demesmay, Sarah Hartmann, Stefan Meister, Henning Riecke, Gereon Schuch
Originally published in German (Monday, November 16, 2015).
After Paris
How will domestic and external discussions of European security change in response to the November 13 attacks on Paris? How will they shape future measures to fight ISIS in Irak and Syria? This Monday, five of the DGAP's experts came together for a discussion – and noted the grave danger of combining an analysis of the causes of the Paris attacks with the ongoing debate on how to handle Europe’s refugee crisis.
Category: Security, France
Hungary in the Media, 2010–2014
Critical Reflections on Coverage in the Press and Media
by Klaus von Dohnanyi, Ágnes Gelencsér, Dániel Hegedüs, Gereon Schuch
DGAPreport 29 (June 2015), 28 pp.
Hungary in the Media, 2010–2014
Viktor Orbán’s nationalist-conservative administration in Hungary has drawn critical attention from the international press since 2010. Serious concerns have also been expressed at the EU level on many issues, from the rule of law and freedom of the press, to growing anti-Semitism, to the way the government treats its poorest citizens. But are these sweeping condemnations always backed by facts? A DGAP working group compared outside media reports with a careful analysis of the Hungarian context.
Category: Hungary
External Debacle – Domestic Chance
The interim government in Prague during the Czech EU Presidency 2009
by Gereon Schuch, Marie-Lena May
DGAPstandpunkt 5, May 15, 2009, 4 pp.
In the Czech Republic, the coalition government formed by Conservatives, Christian Democrats and Greens has been overthrown by a no-confidence vote at the end of March 2009. Since 8 May, a cabinet of government officials has assumed the official functions until early elections in mid-October—and this during the Czech EU Presidency.
Category: Czech Republic