Areas of Expertise

  • International cybersecurity and defense
  • Internet governance and cybersecurity regulation
  • Cyber diplomacy and multi-stakeholder cooperation
  • Techno-authoritarianism and digital surveillance technologies


German, English, French

Madeleine Myatt has been a research fellow for cyber norms and cybersecurity in DGAP’s Technology and Global Affairs Program since November 2020.

Prior to joining DGAP, she was a research associate focusing on cybersecurity and defense in the “World Politics” research training group at the University of Bielefeld. Previously, Myatt worked at that university as a researcher and lecturer for public policy, comparative politics, and political sociology. She has also been involved in different research projects on digital and cyber diplomacy, right-wing populism, and digital political communication.

Since November 2019, Myatt serves as an academic expert on cyber-related topics at the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE).

She holds a BA in political science and a MA in political science and European studies from the University of Hannover. In addition, she completed the International Politics Summer Program at the University of Oxford on “Democracy and Authoritarianism in Russia and Former Soviet Union.”

Madeleine Myatt