“What if the EU …?”

An Exercise in Counterfactual Thinking to Address Current Dilemmas

07/10/2014 | by Almut Möller, Roderick Parkes

DGAPanalyse 19 (October 7, 2014), 44 pp.

Category: European Union, Europe

What if the EU had never created the Euro? What if it had bridged the Cypriot divide? What if leaders had created political union at Maastricht? European think tanks spend too little time pondering how things could be and too much time asking why they are as they are. The nine essays compiled here shed light on a good cross section of the EU’s activities. For anyone interested in critical engagement with the EU, these creative thought-exercises are designed to broaden the options.

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Helmut Kohl and Jacques Delors, 1988. The idea of a monetary union of EC member states was being discussed. Both Kohl and Delors endorsed the goal of putting a common single market into place by 1992.


Concept: The Thinking behind the “What If …?” Project 

Roderick Parkes and Almut Möller

Completing the Mission: What If the Visegrad Group no Longer Existed? 
Dariusz Kalan

 Transforming the EU from within: What If Europeans Had Made Truly Ambitious Commitments after the Arab Spring? 
Jan Techau

Living Awkwardly Ever After: What If the British Had Voted to Leave the European Economic Community in 1975?
Tim Oliver

Facing up to Democratic Deficiencies: What If National Parliaments had Robust Euro Governance Powers At Their Disposal?
Nicolai von Ondarza

Coyly Courting Ukraine: What If the EU Had Offered Its Neighbor a Membership Perspective in 2004?
Stefan Meister

Seizing the Moment: What If the EU Had Bridged the Cypriot Divide?
Hugh Pope

Thinking Big: What If EU Leaders Had Been Bold Enough to Create European Political Union at Maastricht?
Josef Janning

Considering a New Normal: What If Yugoslavia Had Joined the EU?
Cornelius Adebahr

Better Off Without: What If the EU Had Never Created the Euro?
Paweł Tokarski

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