Areas of Expertise

  • Europe and European integration
  • The EU’s internal and external security policies
  • Relations between EU members and UK European policy


English, German, French

Since March 2021, Dr. Roderick Parkes has been a research director at DGAP. He also heads the Alfred von Oppenheim Center, where he works on issues of European integration and the EU’s role in the world. He joined DGAP from the Institute for Security Studies, a Paris-based agency of the EU, where he provided advice to decision-makers on dealing with the intersection of EU internal security and foreign policy.

Over the past 15 years, Parkes has worked across Europe. At the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), he worked on a special research project for the foreign ministry on the geopolitics of migration; at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), he headed the Europe Program; and at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), he worked as a researcher in Berlin before heading its liaison office to EU institutions and NATO.

Parkes holds a PhD from the University of Bonn and studied at Cambridge, the University of Edinburgh, and Sciences-Po Grenoble. He has taught at the European Security and Defense College, NATO School Oberammergau, and NATO Defense College.


Falscher Fokus Frontex

Bis vor Kurzem wurde Europas Grenzschutzbehörde als Lösung für praktisch jedes Problem gesehen. Im Versagen von Frontex bei der Bekämpfung des Schattenhandels offenbart sich allerdings ein viel größeres Problem: Die EU ist den jüngsten krisenhaften Veränderungen in der Weltpolitik schlicht nicht gewachsen.