USA/Transatlantic Relations Program

Political decisions in Washington often have direct effects on Germany. The transatlantic relationship is the central context for German and European foreign policy.

The program concentrates on US foreign policy and the domestic factors that influence it as well as on transatlantic relations. The goal is to strengthen strategic dialogues between Berlin and Washington.

The central focus is an exchange of ideas among political elites in order to anchor an equal partnership instead of a merely expedient alliance.  

This includes critical analysis in the form of publications and commentaries. Moreover, constructive discussions about US foreign policy take place at events such as study groups, podium discussions, and expert talks or speeches. These events include high-ranking representatives from politics, economics, media, and science.


  • The Ties That Bind

    von Henning Riecke, Alin Polyakova | Transatlantic Relations
    Atlantic Council, September 27, 2017

    As German Chancellor Angela Merkel enters her fourth term in office, the US-German relationship will need to overcome trade and policy disagreements in order to thrive in today’s uncertain political climate.

  • Germany’s Vote to Strike ISIS in Syria

    Signalling a shift in its approach to international law

    von Eric Langland | Europe, Law of War
    DGAPkompakt 14 (June 2016), 5 pp.

    Germany’s Vote to Strike ISIS in Syria

    After the terrorist attacks in Paris in November, President Hollande somewhat surprisingly invoked Article 42.7 of the Lisbon Treaty – the EU’s mutual assistance clause – instead of NATO’s Article 5 to win European support for the military campaign against ISIS in Syria. Germany’s Bundestag answered the call, voting in December to authorize military support. By championing Lisbon’s assistance clause, Germany sent a clear signal to its fellow member states in support of European common defense.

  • Diplomacy by other Means

    Soft power and the policy "Divide and Conquer"

    von Josef Braml | Western Europe, Transatlantic Relations
    Handelsblatt Global Edition, May 17, 2016, reprinted with permission

    Diplomacy by other Means

    The DGAP's Josef Braml outlines the United States’ practice of wielding trade agreements as diplomacy by other means