Areas of Expertise

  • Transatlantic relations and American domestic politics
  • The rise of populism in Western democracies
  • Future of the liberal international order and American foreign policy
  • Strategic Foresight, trend analysis, and the geopolitics of technology, particularly AI
  • The rise of China; the reemergence of great power politics and its implications for Europe

Short Bio

Julian Müller-Kaler has been an associate fellow at DGAP since March 2023. Before that, he was a project officer in DGAP’s USA Strategy Group.

On the other side of the Atlantic in Washington, DC, Müller-Kaler is the director of the Strategic Foresight Hub in the executive office at the Stimson Center and serves as chief of staff to the president and CEO. His work focuses on global trend analysis, the implications of emerging technologies on society and politics, and the future of the liberal international order. Previously, he was a resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center and the Scowcroft Strategy Initiative and a consultant in the office of the German executive director of the World Bank Group.

Müller-Kaler graduated as a Fulbright-Schuman scholar from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with an MA in European and diplomatic studies. He holds a BA in politics and international relations from Zeppelin University, a small liberal arts college on the shores of Germany’s Lake Constance.


German, English, French


[Last updated: April 2024]

Julian Müller-Kaler



In the media


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How can the United States navigate the geopolitics of international technology standards?
Giulia Neaher
Julian Müller-Kaler
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et al.
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