From the West of the Balkans to “the Rest of the Balkans"?

Croatia’s EU entry opens up opportunities for South Eastern Europe but harbors the danger of new dividing lines, too

Croatia is the first of the Western Balkan countries to gain entry into the European Union. It is an encouraging signal for the region’s other contenders; if they fulfill the requirements for political and economic reforms, Brussels will honor its membership promises. At the same time, however, a new border is running through the region. Particularly in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the growing distance in the EU integration process is becoming a problem. The author warns against losing sight of the regional context.



Bibliographic data

Töglhofer, Theresia. “From the West of the Balkans to “the Rest of the Balkans"?.”

DGAPanalyse 8, September 5, 2013, 24 pp.

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