Sep 16, 2013

Russia’s Failure in the Post-Soviet Realm

Why Moscow’s power politics towards its post-Soviet neighbors is amounting to nothing: a new DGAP volume

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has not managed to win the loyalty of countries like Ukraine. The Kremlin lacks the necessary political and economic concepts to convince its neighbors – and instead makes too open a display of its power politics. The EU could offer an attractive alternative but is not yet prepared to take the steps needed to promote integration. Nine experts analyze Russia’s policies, the perspectives of common neighbors, and the new competition between different systems.



Bibliographic data

“Economization versus Power Ambitions: Rethinking Russia’s Policy towards Post-Soviet States” (in English), DGAP-Schriften zur Internationalen Politik (DGAP Writings on International Policy), Nomos Verlag, September 2013, 154 pp.