Global Crisis, Global Solutions: Thinking Forward in a Period of Change

Save the Date & Call for Ideas 27 Aug 2020: Virtual DGAP Alumni Conference 


Global challenges can only be solved through collaboration – across national borders, academic disciplines, and societal groups. Our shared experience of an unprecedented health crisis with huge repercussions for the economy, social cohesion, and politics has increased the urge for collaborative and solution-driven thinking even more. In this spirit, we invite you to contribute to our virtual conference for all alumni of DGAP capacity building programs:

August 27, 2020, 2:00–5:00 PM (CEST)

Virtual DGAP Alumni Conference

Global Crisis, Global Solutions: Thinking Forward in a Period of Change

At the conference, we will explore solutions that different countries have found, transfer good practices, and develop new ideas to tackle the challenges related to the coronavirus. Rather than concentrating on short-term crisis management, we will focus on the pandemic’s long-term impact on questions of social justice, ecological transition, and democracy – and how we can use the crisis as motor for positive social change.

The discussion will be centered around five topics:

1. Social Justice

How can we combat growing inequality that is exacerbated by the crisis?

2. Economic Recovery and Ecological Transition

What measures are necessary in order to link economic recovery with global commitments to a sustainable future?

3. Governance and Civic Participation

How does civil society contribute to solving the crisis at a time when the pandemic is largely being addressed by centralized governmental responses?

4. Public Health and International Cooperation

How can our public health systems become more resilient to better meet future challenges?

5. Wild Card

Your ideas! What else should we talk about to find global solutions to the global crisis?

Call for Ideas: Ways to Contribute

This is an event for – and by – DGAP alumni. You are not only invited to participate, but also to actively contribute your expertise and experience. Each contribution should be no more than 5 to 10 minutes long and advance our thinking on one of the five topics above. There are four ways to contribute:

· Work in Progress: You are currently working on one of these topics and would like to provide us with insight into your work.

· Expert Input: You have already put a lot of thought and research into one of these challenges and can tell us what (not) to do in order to overcome this aspect of the crisis.

· Personal Story: COVID-19 has changed your life and you want to share your personal story of change with us.

· Art of Change: You wish to share a piece of art (a piece of music, online artwork, a poem…) related to the above topics that inspires a change of perspective on the coronavirus crisis.

How to Apply as a Contributor

Apply online here by July 8

We are very much looking forward to receiving your ideas. We will get back to you on July 10.

How to Apply as a Participant

The number of participants will be limited. The call for participation – including the conference program and information on the selection of contributions – will follow in early August. Stay tuned!

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