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Reaching Out to Russia
The European Union must establish a strategic partnership with Russia, in cooperation with the United States if possible
by Alexander Rahr
The European Union must finally adopt a consistent policy toward Russia. In addition to signing a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, Brussels should work with Russia to reform international organizations and expand joint projects such as free trade zones.
Category: European Union, International Policy/Relations, Russia, Western Europe, Europe
The New OPEC
How Russia Aims to Become a Global Energy Power
by Alexander Rahr
Disappointed by the West, Moscow is now turning to Asia and forging new geostrategic alliances. In order to reclaim its lost status as a world power, Russia is purposefully mobilizing its enormous energy resources. Europe and the West should take this geopolitical challenge seriously.
Category: Non-Renewables, Resources and Energy, Emerging Market Economies, Economy and Finance, Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe