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Enhancing European Security
Germany’s options for revitalizing the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP)
by Patrick Keller, Almut Möller, Svenja Sinjen, Johannes Varwick
Enhancing European Security
Currently preoccupied with its ongoing debt crisis, the European Union is paying little attention to its regional security policy. In the future, however, Europe will inevitably have to take an increased share of the responsibility for its own security. When it comes to revitalizing the security debate, Germany needs to take the initiative. And for the German government, this is a task that begins above all at home.
Category: Organization of Military Defence, Military Capacity, Security, European Union, Germany, Central Europe, Europe
The Price of Freedom
What we have to rethink in Libya
by Svenja Sinjen
The UN military deployment in Libya is currently burdened by a self-imposed, twofold limitation. As of yet the parties involved have been unable to bring themselves to demand either regime change or military engagement that goes beyond air strikes. This is the kind of situation that calls for a debate on basic principles—one in which the German government can only participate once it has first rethought its own approach.
Category: Foreign Deployments, United Nations, Humanitarian Intervention, Conflicts and Strategies, Libya, Africa, Germany, Europe