Areas of Expertise

  • Political systems, security, and development of the post-Soviet states                     
  • International norm diffusion and norm collision processes
  • International socialization
  • EU foreign policy
  • EU-China relations
  • “Rising powers” and multipolarity


German, English, Russian



Luba von Hauff is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of the Bundeswehr (Munich). Prior to that, she worked as a research fellow at the DGAP’s Berthold Beitz Center. 

Von Hauff holds a PhD from the University of the Bundeswehr; a MA in conflict, security, and development from King’s College London; and a BA in European studies from the University of Maastricht. Her dissertation analyzed the impact of China on the democratization of post-Soviet Kazakhstan and was supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation. She is a member of the Strategic Studies Network (SSN) of the National Defense University (Washington, DC).

Von Hauff’s current research focuses on the multi-polarization of international affairs, particularly in the context of the evolving relationship between the EU and China, as well as on the political, normative, and socio-economic developments in post-Soviet Eurasia.



Luba von Hauff