Dec 19, 2014

(Re-)Building Coalitions

The Role and Potential of Member States in Shaping the Future of the EU

Reforming the EU is hardly possible without coalitions of “builders” – member states willing and able to engage in sustainable coalition building at EU level. Since 2008, the EU and its members have found themselves in the middle of yet another formative phase. Will member states eventually succeed in shaping a Union able to guarantee the prosperity, security and freedom of its citizens?


(Re-)Building Coalitions

Josef Janning and Almut Möller

Building Coalitions within the European Union
Josef Janning

A Usual Business Fostered by Crises
Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer

The European Union in Search of New Energy
Stefano Milia

Coalition Building, Eurozone, and the New EU Political Cycle
Paweł Tokarski

No Longer the Magic Number: the Decline of the EU’s Big-3
Roderick Parkes

Looking at Coalition Building through an Irish Lens
Katherine Meenan

The Finnish Strategy: Focus on Issues instead of Coalitions
Tuomas Iso-Markku & Juha Jokela

Coalition Building in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers under Lisbon
Guido Tiemann

Patterns of Member State Interaction in the European Union
Almut Möller

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Möller, Almut, and Josef Janning. “(Re-)Building Coalitions.” December 2014.

DGAPanalyse 20 (December 19, 2014), 44 pp.

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