Hungary’s Perspective within Europe after 2020

DGAP Workshop

23/06/2017 | 09:30 - 12:30 | DGAP | Invitation only

Category: Hungary

The flow of EU money from its cohesion funds to Hungary and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe will decrease in the year 2020. Lower inflows pose a huge structural challenge for countries in the region, which have long relied on EU funds as a main source of public investment. What does decreased cohesion funding mean for Viktor Orban’s government in particular, both in the short and long term? And how does Hungary see its role in a multi-speed Europe? Bringing together speakers and experts from the Hungarian government as well as from the opposition and civil society, this DGAP workshop will facilitate an expert, fact-based discussion of Hungary’s place in the EU. It will also consider Hungary’s special strategic relations with China and Russia, particularly the question of whether China could become Germany’s economic competitor in Central Europe.

The event is organized by the Robert Bosch Center and will be held in English.

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