The Power of No: Understanding Resistance in Diplomacy

Crisis Prevention Web Talk
25 June 2021
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Conventional diplomacy builds on the implicit acceptance of norms and agreements. In recent decades, however, both state and non-state actors have increasingly challenged such established diplomatic practice. They not only pursue diverging interests, but also seek to actively undermine negotiations and the creation of consensus through obfuscation, denials, or simulated compliance with international norms. Especially because such practices of resistance are relevant to authoritarian and conflict contexts, we need to better understand them and identify ways to deal with them.

In this Web Talk, we will examine these issues with the authors of chapters on counter-diplomacy and empathy in diplomacy from a recent co-edited volume on new perspectives on diplomacy. Together with them, we will discuss their findings and the lessons they have learned for principled and effective diplomacy.


Dr. Gerrit Kurtz

Research Fellow, Conflict Prevention and Diplomacy in Africa, DGAP

Dr. Claire Yorke

Visiting Fellow, Centre for Grand Strategy, King’s College London


Dr. Roderick Parkes

Research Director and Head of the Alfred von Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies, DGAP 

The chapters are part of the volume New Perspectives on Diplomacy: A New Theory and Practice of Diplomacy edited by J.E. Spence, Claire Yorke, and Alastair Masser (I.B. Tauris, 2021).

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