European Think Tank Conference 2023

18 - 19 October 2023
Event location
German Council on Foreign Relations e.V., Rauchstr. 18, 10787 Berlin, Germany


Key Visual European Think Tank Conference with 28 logos of contributing organizations.

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Technological change, geopolitical conflict, democratic decline, biodiversity loss, growing inequality, and political polarization – each poses a significant challenge for the institutions we aim to support. In combination, those challenges become exponential. Because such interconnected crises call for interconnected answers, we must deepen the cooperation among think tanks to develop a diverse set of approaches for engaging with the massive disruption we are facing.

How might we adapt think tank practices to engage with this dramatically changing environment? 

The Open Think Tank Directory lists 1091 think tanks in Europe. Such diversity offers unique opportunities for cooperation. While think tanks are well-networked when it comes to their specific topics of interest, we need more opportunities to: 

  1. Collaboratively forecast future pathways: Which future developments can we foresee? Which blind spots can we detect together?
  2. Exchange learnings about current practices: How is our professional practice looking at and responding to the future landscape and the questions this raises? 
  3. Develop new approaches for our profession: What kinds of interventions are appropriate for facilitating transformative change and building needed capacities into our ecosystem?

From October 18 to 19, 2023, the Think Tank Lab will bring think tankers and think tank partners from all over Europe together in Berlin for the second European Think Tank Conference. This year’s conference provides a unique and trustworthy platform for looking into the future of our field from very different perspectives. It will crowdsource an opportunity space for interventions in the think tank landscape and incubate concrete ideas for cooperation among different partners in the three key areas above. 

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