Areas of Expertise

  • EU enlargement toward the countries of the Western Balkans
  • Project management of the “Balkan Hub” project
  • Peace and conflict research
  • Political communication

Short Bio

Since September 1, 2023, Frauke Seebass has been working as a project manager in DGAP’s Center for Order and Governance in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia where she is responsible for the “Balkan Hub” project. She focuses on EU enlargement toward the countries of the Western Balkans.

Seebass is also a PhD candidate at Andrássy University Budapest in the doctoral program “netPOL - Future of Democracy in EU-ropea.” There, she works on the EU’s foreign policy strategies and narratives toward Kosovo.

Seebass has spent several years working in the field of German foreign and EU policy for various non-governmental organizations. She has, among other things, co-led a three-year program to promote youth participation in German and Georgian politics. She studied peace and conflict studies, human geography, and communication in Germany, Israel, and the Netherlands.


German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French


[Last updated: November 2023]

Frauke Seebass



Will Deadlock over Ukraine Kill the EU Enlargement Momentum?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to postpone Ukraine’s accession talks and accelerate those of the Balkan candidates. In fact, he might slow down EU enlargement in general, which was only recently revived and which Hungary strongly supports.

Milan Nič
Frauke Seebass
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