Lea Rahman has been a Young DGAP Fellow since October 2022. Her topic area is “Climate Attribution Science and Its Practical Applications.” She is also earning a master’s degree in political science at Freie Universität Berlin where she is a student assistant at the Institut Futur.

Rahman’s Young DGAP Fellowship project focuses on the issue of loss and damage related to climate change. So far, there has been no agreement on the transnational financing of climate impacts within the framework of international policy. However, affected states, which lack the resources to address loss and damage, are pushing for financing to be provided by those whose pollution contributed to climate change. Rahman examines demands and possible solutions for loss and damage and the additional value that attribution science can offer in this context.

Previously, Rahman studied social sciences at the University of Augsburg where she focused on climate policy and postcolonial approaches. There, she worked in the department of peace and conflict studies and  supported students in a tutorial on the topic of sustainability.

Lea Rahman