Areas of Expertise

  • Civilian crisis management
  • EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
  • Stabilization
  • Strategic foresight

Short Bio

Florence Schimmel has been a research fellow in DGAP’s Center for Security and Defense since July 2020. She currently works on the project “Civilian Stabilization and the Peace-Security Nexus,” which is financed by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. Previously, Schimmel worked on projects on the Strategic Compass and the EU’s capabilities in civilian crisis management. From September 2019 until she became a research fellow, she was the program assistant of the Security and Defense Program.

Before joining DGAP, Schimmel worked for various chairs and communication agencies during her studies. She also completed internships in the analysis department of the Center for International Peace Operations, in the strategic international cooperation division of the German Federal Ministry of Defense’s in-house consultancy, and in the Security and Defense Program of DGAP.

Schimmel holds a master’s degree in international affairs with a focus on security policy from the Hertie School of Governance. She also has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from the University of Witten/Herdecke.


German, English, French

[Last updated: January 2023]

Florence Schimmel



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Florence Schimmel
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