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August 30, 2018

Risk Report Russia

Political Risk Scenarios for Russia

Re-elected on March 18, President Vladimir Putin remains firmly in the driver seat of Russian politics. For many international investors, he stands, despite a poor democratic record, for a sufficient degree of political stability and a benevolent policy towards foreign businesses. Russia benefits from vast resources and remains the undisputed center of the post-Soviet space. Beyond the development of global commodity prices, the question of who will succeed Putin will be vital for the future of Russia.


The Risk Report series, supported by the Funk Foundation, offers a new analytic approach to assess political risks and their potential consequences in 25 countries. An analysis of the country’s most important conflict lines, influential people and upcoming events reveals the impending changes in a country. Against the backdrop of entrepreneurial decision-making in light of direct investments or transactions the series also shows how these changes affect the attractiveness of overseas sites.

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Conias Risk Intelligence, Risiko Report (08/2018), 32 pp.

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