Community of Practice

Community of Practice

We believe that think tanks can learn a lot from each other – and that, together, we can have greater impact. Therefore, we are building a community of practice to support peer learning and cooperation within and between think tanks. 

Our Formats  

We host the annual European Think Tank Conference which brings together think tankers and think tank partners from across Europe to discuss trends, share good practices and hear about inspiring new approaches in think-tanking as a profession and a practice. Throughout the year, we organize lunch talks, online events, networking drinks and workshops to discuss trends in policy research and advice as well as think tank management. Previous topics have e.g. included data science for policy analysis and advice, researching authoritarian regimes, and achieving and measuring policy impact.

  • If you are passionate to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in European policy research institutes and would like to join our virtual #teamDiversity meet-ups, get in touch with Corinna Reichenberg (  

  • If you are working in political communications for a think tank in Berlin, get in touch with Weronika Perlinski ( to join the WonkComms breakfast club. 

In 2021, we ran two Community Challenges to collaboratively address key issues in the German think tank sector. The first challenge dealt with the question of "how to foster diversity and inclusion in German think tanks". The second challenge addressed the issue of "how to improve the onboarding experience for new think tankers." 

How We Work 

We understand the Think Tank Lab as a place of engagement, learning, and community. Our approach is co-creative. We listen, bring people together and design processes that allow everyone to contribute their experience and expertise in a trustful and friendly environment. We offer opportunities to learn and grow - and for you to share what you know with others. We provide space to explore and experiment with new approaches to think-tanking. This allows us to see what works, adapt, and try again. 

For our community of practice activities, we usually partner with other organizations. Get in touch if you would like to propose a topic or collaborate with us.

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