From Here to EU: How to Talk About Migration in Africa? An Awareness Campaign for European Policymakers


The project “From Here to EU: How to Talk about Migration in Africa” aims to inform German and European policymakers about migration debates and policies in select African countries to inform their present and future communication with representatives from that continent. The results aim to inform the 6th European Union-African Union summit planned for 2022.

Its research provides insights on migration policies and their framing in five significant countries of origin, transit, and destination of migrants in Africa: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tunisia, and South Africa. Drawing lessons from these national contexts, the project develops policy recommendations for German and European politicians, policy experts, and practitioners to foster a more constructive debate about future African-European cooperation on migration.


  1. Two closed-door expert conferences under the Chatham House Rule that brought together policymakers and experts from Brussels and Berlin with African country experts in the fall of 2020
  2. Four country case studies, authored by African country experts on migration policies and practices in Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, and South Africa
  3. One summary analysis, authored by DGAP experts, that distills the main lessons from the country case studies and the Chatham House discussions
  4. One event to present the main findings of the project and link it to other initiatives in the growing field of migration cooperation between Europe and Africa

The project is implemented by DGAP’s Migration Program and supported by the Stiftung Mercator as part of the Migration Messenger project.