Introducing the “Berlinside Out” Podcast: A Deep Dive into German Foreign Relations

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) presents its new podcast series, "BerlinsideOut." This series explores international politics from Berlin, focusing on Germany's perspective on global events, how Germany is viewed by allies and adversaries – and why that matters for international affairs. 


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Hosted by Benjamin Tallis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Action Group Zeitenwende at DGAP, alongside journalist Aaron Gasch Burnett, "BerlinsideOut" offers profound insights into global geopolitical dynamics and Germany's integral role in them. Joined by a changing lineup of expert guests each week, the series launches its inaugural season on September 26, 2023. New episodes will be available every Tuesday at 6 A.M. (CET) across major podcast platforms, including platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podigee

Overview of the first episodes: 

  1. We Need to Talk About Germany. A hard look at Germany's evolution since the pivotal Zeitenwende, spotlighting Germany's steps post the Ukrainian crisis and examining Chancellor Scholz’s strategic moves in the international arena. 

  1. Ukraine and Germany: Victory, Belonging & The Future An episode centered on why Ukraine’s victory and Western integration matter so much - including for Germany - and whether Berlin is doing everything it can to bring them about.   

    Bonus - Germany’s Zeitenwende Viewed From Ukraine A special segment providing an in-depth perspective on how Germany's actions are perceived in Ukraine, highlighting the challenges and expectations surrounding German support. 

  2. Rethinking Defence. Rethinking Germany. Defence is so fundamental to the Zeitenwende because Germany was so fundamentally lacking in this field. Together with leading transatlantic experts we look at whether Germany’s change goes far enough and fast enough – and why the country finds defence so hard to get right.  

DGAP remains committed to fostering open dialogue and strengthening Germany’s foreign relations. "BerlinsideOut" is a step forward in achieving this mission by offering listeners expert opinions on timely global issues from the perspective of these relations, as they play out in key policy fields.  

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