March 11, 2021

DGAP’s New Program on Climate and Global Affairs

Shaping an International Climate Agenda for 2025 and Beyond

DGAP has launched a Climate and Global Affairs Program, which will explore the international dimension of climate change and options for its mitigation. In spring 2021, a team will be etablished that will develop integrated strategies for preventing and easing the consequences of global warming. Focusing on aspects affected by foreign and security policy, this team will work closely with stakeholders from politics, business, and civil society.

Climate policy can only succeed if it is created for the long term. That said, political and advisory work is urgently needed now. We cannot waste any more time to bridge the large gaps that currently exist among the problems that have been identified, the approaches of individual disciplines, and political action.

By conducting action-oriented research and engaging experts, decisionmakers, and stakeholders in dialogue across Europe and internationally, DGAP’s new Climate and Global Affairs Program will make an important contribution to better informing policy decisions. Collaborating with those already working on DGAP’s established core themes of geo-economics, security, and technology and digitalization, the climate program will focus on the following topics, among others:

  • The impact of geostrategic and economic policy on both protecting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change 
  • The ramifications of climate policy and climate change for regional stability and security
  • The significance of the “double transformation”: sustainability on the one hand and technological change and digitalization on the other

The program team will begin its work before Germany’s parliamentary elections this autumn. This way, it can best support the new German government on key issues such as the implementation of the European Green New Deal and transatlantic cooperation on climate policy.

In order to create an effective international climate agenda for 2025 and beyond, German and European policymakers need decision-making processes that are both better-integrated and better-informed. One of DGAP’s unique selling points is its proven ability to effectively bring together those working in politics, business, and academia as well as an interested public. As an independent and nonpartisan foreign policy think tank with an established network in Germany, DGAP brings different actors to the table and provides recommendations for action.

We are currently looking to fill the position of program head. The Climate and Global Affairs Program is funded by the Deutsche Post Foundation, initially until the end of 2025.