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The European Green Deal under the German Council Presidency: State of Play and Prospects for the Way Forward
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With the European Green Deal, the European Commission created a plan to decouple economic growth from resource use and ensure the EU is climate neutral by 2050. The German EU Council Presidency is now trying to use this ambitious plan as a means to turn Europe’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic into a green and sustainable modernization of European economies.

This digital roundtable will bring together key decisionmakers and policy experts from Brussels and Berlin to discuss the status of the negotiations on a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for 2030 and net-zero target for 2050. We will also examine the role of the next EU budget and the NextGenerationEU recovery package in reaching Europe’s climate goals. In addition, we will assess the implications of the Green Deal for the EU’s role as global leader for climate protection and for the competitiveness of its economies.

Dr. Karsten Sach
Director-General for International and European Policy, Climate Policy, 
German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, Berlin

Pascal Canfin, MEP (tbc)
Chairman, Committee on the Environment, Public Health, and Food Safety,
European Parliament, Brussels

Annika Hedberg
Head, Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme,
EPC, Brussels

Prof. Dr. Andreas Goldthau
Franz Haniel Professor for Public Policy of the Willy Brandt School, 
University of Erfurt; Associate Fellow, DGAP, Berlin

Sophie Pornschlegel
Project Lead “Connecting Europe”, EPC, Brussels

This event is part of the joint EPC-DGAP event series ‘Project Presidency’ looking at the role of Germany and the future of the EU in the framework of the German EU Council Presidency, and aimed at connecting the EU policy debate in Berlin and Brussels. To this end, we are delighted to welcome a DGAP and EPC audience to this event.

19 November 2020
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