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The EU Recovery Instrument: Turning the Crisis into an Opportunity
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Brokering an agreement on the next EU budget – including a compromise on the new EU recovery instrument – will be the top priority of Germany’s upcoming EU Council Presidency. An adequate and swift response would allow the EU to turn the immense challenge of economic recovery into an opportunity, putting it on a resilient, sustainable, and fair path of modernization.

Following the inconclusive European Council videoconference of June 17, this online roundtable will bring together relevant decision-makers and policy experts from Brussels and Berlin to discuss the design of the future recovery instrument and the EU budget as well as the state of the negotiations.


Secretary of State Jörg Kukies
Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin


Shahin Vallée
Senior Fellow, Alfred von Oppenheim Center for
European Policy Studies, DGAP
, Berlin

Marta Pilati
Policy AnalystEuropean Policy Centre (EPC), Brussels

Concluding Remarks:

Dr. Daniela Schwarzer
Director, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Berlin

Janis Emmanouilidis
Director of Studies, EPC, Brussels


Julian Rappold
Acting Head of Program, Alfred von Oppenheim Center for
European Policy Studies, DGAP
, Berlin


This event is part of the joint EPC-DGAP event series ‘Project Presidency’ looking at the role of Germany and the future of the EU in the framework of the German EU Council Presidency, and aimed at connecting the EU policy debate in Berlin and Brussels. To this end, we are delighted to welcome a DGAP and EPC audience to this event.

06 July 2020
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