A New Beginning: Transatlantic Legislative Priorities for the Years Ahead

15 December 2020
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Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) Chairman-Elect of the House Foreign Affairs Committee


Norbert Röttgen, MP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag

Comments by: Dr. Daniela Schwarzer Director of DGAP

Chair: Tyson Barker, Head of DGAP’s Technology & Global Affairs Program

The last four years were often described as a litmus test for the transatlantic relationship in an ever-changing world. Looking ahead, the incoming administration of US President-Elect Joe Biden presents a unique opportunity to commence a new era of transatlantic cooperation. The long list of imminent challenges that require substantial international collaboration – particularly among transatlantic partners – includes the future of NATO, obvious democratic backsliding, the ongoing pandemic, the rise of China, and the threatening effects of climate change. Chairman-Elect Meeks and Chairman Röttgen discuss how to revive US-EU cooperation, the importance of the German-American friendship, and transatlantic legislative priorities for 2021 and beyond.



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