Discussion Group on Poland: Poland’s Presidential Election: A Potential Political Game Changer?

Having finally decided to postpone the presidential election originally scheduled for May 10, Poland is on a path to a new vote. The chaotic build-up to its cancellation and subsequent postponement had triggered a serious political crisis. While there is now a widespread sense of relief that Poland avoided holding a highly controversial election in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the race for the presidency has started all over again.

In this Web Talk, we take a closer look at the political situation in Poland after the non-election and before the new one, which will take place this summer. We discuss the postponement’s potential to be a major game changer – not only for the presidential race itself, but also for Poland’s domestic political landscape and, therefore, its approach toward the European Union.

Dr. Maria Skóra, Head of the Program “International Dialogue” at Das Progressive Zentrum
Prof. Przemyslaw Zurawski vel Grajewski, Member of the Polish President’s National Development Council
Philipp Fritz, Warsaw Correspondent for Die Welt

Markus Meckel, Head of the Discussion Group on Poland;
Former Member of the German Bundestag

With the support of:

Adam Traczyk, Junior Fellow at DGAP’s Robert Bosch Center for
Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia

The Discussion Group on Poland is a cooperation project of the DGAP and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation.

This event is held in English.

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26 May 2020
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