Breaking through the noise: Communicating authoritative information in a post-truth environment

Digital ThinkTanking in times of COVID-19 
30 April 2020
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With this WebTalk series, DGAP, WonkComms and Soapbox are joining forces to bring the international Think Tank community together to better understand how we can continue our work under lockdown. Each week, experts from across our community will share tips and tools for bringing your work as a Think Tank online.


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With the corona crisis disrupting normal operations—forcing staff to work remotely, putting an end to face-to-face events and sending legislators and governments home—Think Tanks are having to rethink business on the fly. For an industry that is built around cross-sector and transnational cooperation, the crisis verges on an existential threat to an entire model. We need new approaches, and we need them fast.

It’s a moment of change, yes. But there is a silver lining in this otherwise dire crisis. Now is a moment for innovation, for new tools and skills that will extend beyond the immediate crisis and leave our organizations stronger than ever.

This weeks's topic: Breaking through the noise: Communicating authoritative information in a post-truth environment 

Leonora Merry, Communications Director at the Nuffield Trust
Joe Miller, Director of the Washington D.C. Studio, Soapbox Design Agency

Claire Luzia Leifert, Head of the Impact & Innovation Lab, German Council on Foreign Relations



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