Africa’s COVID-19 Response Must Include Future Pandemic Preparedness

12 April 2021
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Africa reacted early to COVID-19 but started vaccinating with delay: African countries are dependent on imports for their vaccines, and the relevant bilateral agreements are vulnerable to geopolitics and export restrictions. International efforts both against COVID-19 and for future pandemic resilience in Africa must be supported.

One step toward the former is the international COVAX alliance, which comprises the WHO and private foundations. True, its vaccination campaign in Africa needs continuous funding, and the EU is a generous sponsor. The pressing question for EU members, though, is how to help it with vaccine procurement.

An even more challenging international task is strengthening pandemic preparedness. Here, the African Union and African health NGOs are also essential partners for improving infrastructure, production capacities, and health education. Thus, the key question is how to turn the political dynamism of the COVID-19 response into support for a more comprehensive health policy in Africa.

Chair:  Christoph Matschie, MP

Speakers: Dr. Humphrey Karamagi, Acting Assistant Regional Director for Africa, WHO

Solomon Zewdu, Deputy Director Africa, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Gisela Schneider, Director, German Institute for Medical Mission (DIFAEM)

Commentary: Tobias Bergner, Senior Policy Fellow, DGAP

The event will be held in English & under Chatham House Rule.

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