Past Publications

June 06, 2019

Russians Adrift on the Sea of Values

Mikhail Dmitriev on the changing values of Russian society

„Public consciousness of Russians is deanchored from static ideas which were stabilizing attitudes, now it is like a ship without an anchor on the high seas,“ – economist Mikhail Dmitriev on his study, indicating a change in values in Russian society.


A study by liberal Russian economists and psychologists shows that there is a significant shift in the values of Russian society. Respondents in focus groups demand more freedom, scientific progress and a fight against corruption. They are critical of the government and very pessimistic about the future of their country. At the same time, respondents see themselves responsible for positive changes and are prepared to assume more responsibility. However, there is no clear vision of what such positive change should look like. 

Economist Mikhail Dmitriev is the President of the Business Partnership "New Economic Growth". He predicted the mass demonstrations in 2011 in the run-up to the then parliamentary and presidential elections. In this interview with Alena Epifanova, he talks about a change in values in Russian society and how sustainable it is. They also talk about the population's declining support for the government's expansive foreign policy and a demand for peaceful relations with other countries.

Listen to the full interview here.