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April 23, 2014

The German debate on the EU before the European Elections: Plus Ça Change?

Is “debating Europe” finally gathering speed in Germany? Germany has been allocated 96 seats in the European Parliament: with what kind of topics are the country’s political parties trying to win them? With Martin Schulz being the frontrunner of the Party of European Socialists, what impact will their campaign have on the coalition government in Berlin?


Will the FDP – having failed for the first time to enter the Bundestag in the 2013 federal election – be able to say: “We’re back”? What can one expect from the anti-euro “Alternative for Germany”? Almut Möller argues that the Lisbon Treaty and the European crisis have contributed – quite independently from the actual turnout and results of the European elections – to Europeanizing political parties in Germany.

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The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, 1/2014

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