Why the Germans Do It Better

In January 2021, Germany will be 150 years old. Half of modern Germany’s lifespan has been a tale of horror, war, and dictatorship. The other half is a remarkable tale of atonement, stability, and maturity. According to John Kampfner’s book Why the Germans Do It Better, no other country has achieved so much good in so little time. Kampfner writes: “As much of the contemporary world succumbs to authoritarianism, as democracy is undermined from its heart by an out-of-control American president, a powerful China, and a vengeful Russia, one country – Germany – stands as a bulwark for decency and stability.”

In this context, we will discuss – from an English point of view – Germany’s foreign policy responsibilities and whether or not it has taken the leadership position on a European and international level that it should have.

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John Kampfner, award-winning author, broadcaster, and foreign affairs commentator


Dr. Henning Hoff, Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly, DGAP

Chair: Christoph Kehr-von Plettenberg Frankfurt Forum of the German Council on Foreign Relations

19 November 2020
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Web Talk
DGAP Regionalforum Frankfurt