Russia’s War in Ukraine: Repercussions and Implications for the Security Order in the Indo-Pacific

25 November 2022
Event location
Frankfurt, Germany


Bild: RF Frankfurt Indo-Pazifik

Against the backdrop of rising global tensions between China and the United States – further aggravated by the Russian attack on Ukraine – we want to discuss the development of the current security situation in the Indo-Pacific region, in particular the dangers of a military escalation with regard to Taiwan.

Together with our distinguished guests, we will discuss questions including: What are Japan’s expectations toward German and European positioning addressing the political challenges, and how do Europeans see Japan’s role? Should the Europeans consider increasing their military presence in the region? And what kind of world order will emerge with China and United States competing for global supremacy?

We will be focusing in particular on Japan and Germany – export-oriented nations that rely on a rules-based international environment and unhindered global shipping routes. We will also address the question of what impact all this may have on global supply chains and what both countries can do to contribute to political stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Opening Remarks:
Shinichi Asazuma, Consul General of Japan in Frankfurt
Christoph Kehr-von Plettenberg, Chairman, DGAP Regional Forum Frankfurt

Prof. Chiyuki Aoi, Professor of International Security at the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo
Prof. Nicole Deitelhoff, Executive Director, Head of Research Department, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF/HSFK)
Lieutenant General (ret.) Ben Hodges, Former Commander, United States Army Europe; Senior Advisor, “Human Rights First”
Tim Rühlig, Research Fellow and China Expert, Technology and Global Affairs Program, DGAP

Henning Hoff, Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly, DGAP

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