Japan’s Response to the New Global Challenges

What is the status of the three Key Agenda items of the Kishida Administrat
13 September 2022
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Japan is facing a multitude of global and national challenges as for example the global disruption of the economy following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the growing effects of climate change. To meet these challenges and strengthen Japan’s resilience, the administration of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida defined three key objectives:

• Focus on a “New Form of Capitalism” addressing growth and social issues
• Fight the Covid-19 pandemic
• Pursue “Realism Diplomacy for a New Era”

Introductory speech:
Mr. Noriyuki Shikata, Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Japan

Dr. Benno Schwarz, Chairman at Regionalforum München, DGAP

Together with Mr. Noriyuki Shikata, Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs of the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office, we will discuss the specific initiatives taken by the government in the last year to advance these central objectives and have a look at the achievements as well as the challenges of implementing them. As Japan will host the G7 summit in Hiroshima next year, we would also like to talk about the priorities of this presidency. After an introductory keynote speech by Mr. Shikata, we invite you to participate in the discussion.

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