Japan’s Geopolitical Trade Strategy – and What It Means for Germany and Europe

Japan and Germany – the world’s third and fourth largest economies by GDP – share a vision of strengthening their cooperation to better respond to new economic and political challenges. These include the increased decoupling of activities from the United States and China and a continuing fragmentation of the world, as well as the uncertainty and geopolitical tension that ensues from that.

After opening remarks by Nobutaka Maekawa, Consul General of the Consulate General of Japan in Munich, Prof. Kazuto Suzuki, Professor of the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, will provide insight on Japan’s foreign strategy. He will explain the key concepts of this strategy in light of current developments related to free trade agreements, especially in the Indo-Pacific region. Dr. Claudia Schmucker, Head of DGAP’s Geo-Economics Program, will provide further thoughts on European trade policy with regard to Japan and Asia. The panelists will then answer questions from event participants and engage in further discussion on relevant topics.

This event is in cooperation with the Consulate General of Japan in Munich.

03 March 2021
Event location


DGAP Regionalforum München