Free trade or backdoor for espionage?

How the Huawei case symbolizes challenges and opportunities for Europe’s relationship with China and the US

25 April 2019
Event location
DGAP, Berlin, Germany
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Young DGAP members only



David Wang
Deputy CEO Huawei Germany

Bernt Berger
Senior Fellow, Asia Program, DGAP


Anastasia Vishnevskaya-Mann
Fellow, Young DGAP

Germany wants to speed up its mobile data service with 5G technology, which Chinese telecom Huawei is bidding to provide. The risks and opportunities that the use of Chinese technologies brings about have sparked a heated debate in the Western world. The US government has been lobbying Germany (and several other governments around the world) not to allow Huawei equipment be used, over concerns that China will use the firm as a "backdoor" for spying and other forms of cyberespionage. Although the German government has already said it will not ban Huawei or any other company during the 5G process, the issue raises questions about the future of free trade and investment between the EU and two of the world’s largest economies, the US and China.
Bringing together the deputy CEO of Huawei Germany David Wang and Asia expert Bernt Berger, the discussion will to focus on the broader foreign policy implications of the ongoing German 5G debate.


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