#FlattenTheCurve etc.: The Role of Numbers & Data Visualization in Times of COVID-19

Digital ThinkTanking in Times of COVID-19
28 May 2020
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The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) has teamed up with WonkComms and Soapbox Design Agency to bring you a WebTalk Series on

Digital ThinkTanking in Times of COVID-19

With the corona pandemic disrupting normal operations – forcing staff to work remotely, putting an end to face-to-face events, and sending legislators and governments home – think tanks are having to rethink their business on the fly. For an industry built around cross-sector and transnational cooperation, the resulting crisis verges on being an existential threat to its entire model. We need new approaches, and we need them fast.

With this WebTalk Series, DGAP, WonkComms, and Soapbox are joining forces to bring the international think tank community together in order to better understand how we can continue and optimize our work under lockdown.


Claire Luzia Leifert, Head of the Impact & Innovation Lab, German Council on Foreign Relations
Joe Miller, Director of the Washington DC Studio, Soapbox Design Agency

Join Sonia Jalfin, director and founder of Sociopublico, and Alex Engler, Rubenstein Fellow at the Brookings Institution and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, to talk about how to bring more life to think tank data visualizations. In particular, we will see what we can learn from the public discussion around visualisations related to COVID-19. 

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More events to follow – stay tuned!


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