DGAP’s Morning Briefing on Geopolitical Challenges

Niger and the European Response to Instability in Africa

07 September 2023
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Visual Morning Briefing 07.09.


Nosmot Gbadamosi, Journalist and Author of Foreign Policy’s Weekly “Africa Brief”

Emanuela C. Del Re, EU Special Representative for the Sahel

Jacob Ross, Research Fellow, Alfred von Oppenheim Center for the Future of Europe, DGAP

Florence Schimmel, Research Fellow, Center for Security and Defense, DGAP


Chair: Jan Stöckmann, Head of the Directors’ Office, DGAP


Every Thursday morning at 8:30, DGAP’s Research Institute brings together experts and high-level guests to discuss the latest developments in geopolitics. This week, we will look at the situation in Niger following the July 26 coup in which the leader of the presidential guard, Abdourahamane Tchiani, seized power from Mohamed Bazoum. We will explore the origins of this crisis – as well as the recent unrest and powershifts in Gabon and Chad – and discuss why African and European actors have been unable to resolve the instability in the Sahel region.