DGAP’s Morning Briefing on Geopolitical Challenges

Fiscal Priorities: The Zeitenwende and Germany’s Budget
27 April 2023
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Visual Morning Briefing 27.04.2023


Christian Mölling, Head of the Center for Security and Defense, DGAP

Philippa Sigl-Glöckner, Managing Director, Dezernat Zukunft

Guntram Wolff, Director, DGAP

Chair: Henning Hoff, Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly, DGAP

Every Thursday morning at 8:30, DGAP’s Research Institute brings together experts and high-level guests to discuss the latest developments in geopolitics. This week, we will look at Germany’s defense budget in view of the momentous geopolitical shifts that resulted from Russia’s all-out attack on Ukraine. The German government has not yet presented a draft budget (Eckpunkte) for 2024, leaving key policy questions unresolved. Our speakers will discuss defense priorities and fiscal policy in this geopolitical context.