Connectivity in Eurasia:

Europe’s emerging approach to China and Russia

As the West is fragmenting, Eurasia is emerging as a crucial geo-economic playing field in the 21st century. In this macro-region, stretching from Eastern Europe to Central Asia, China and Russia are pursuing their agendas and distinct integration projects. Eurasia´s rapidly growing trade and transport ties increasingly impact Europe and pose both a risk and an opportunity for the EU. Against the backdrop of increasing geopolitical cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for a new European strategy that would include Eurasian dimension. We will discuss the newly adopted EU Connectivity Strategy and what role could Germany play in developing it further. We will also touch latent tensions and differences between China and Russia in Eurasia, and long-term strategic implications for Europe and Germany. Also, presented at this event will be Jacopo Pepe’s new policy paper entitled ‘Eurasia: Playing Field or Battle Field?’

Welcome remarks:  

Milan Nič
Head of the Robert Bosch Center, DGAP


Dr. Bruno Maçães
Author, former Secretary of State for European Affairs, Portugal

Dr. Stefan Meister
Head of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung’s Tbilisi Office – South Caucasus Region

Dr. Jacopo Maria Pepe
Robert Bosch Center, DGAP


Natalie Nougayrède
The Guardian, editorial board, Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy

24 September 2019
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