From Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific

Roles and Responsibilities of Naval Forces in a Changing Security Environment
Visual From Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific region has recently become a focus for Germany and its allies: opportunities for economic prosperity and political cooperation mix with the risk of rising tensions and worries over maritime security. Meanwhile, the North Atlantic and Arctic Sea remain a concern at the doorsteps of NATO. Planning and designing future capacities and roles do not only depend on political will; circumstances such as the changing climate and trade routes that have come under pressure from Covid-19 must also be addressed. How should Allied naval forces navigate those waters of fulfilling their classical commitments while also staying alert to new threats?

Keynote by Rear Admiral Jan Christian Kaack, German Navy

Dr. Sarah Kirchberger, Head of Center for Asia-Pacific Strategy & Security at the Institute for Security Policy, University Kiel
Bruce Stubbs, Director of Navy Strategy, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy
Dr. András Rácz, Senior Research Fellow, DGAP

Moderation: Dr. Claudia Major, Head of International Security Division, SWP

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30 November 2021
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