After Ostpolitik: The Main Principles of a New Eastern Policy for Germany

25 May 2023
Event location


After Ostpolitik 25.05.

Public discussion in the framework of our Strategy Group on Russia, chaired by MP Nils Schmid 

Russia’s large-scale war against Ukraine upended the post-Cold War European security order, marked the end of Germany’s interdependent Russia policy, and caused Germany to fundamentally redefine its security policy. In this discussion, we will explore the prospects for strengthening Germany’s strategic culture in this new era in which Russia continues to present the most serious threat to European security.

This public event will conclude a series of closed-door discussions by a small group of experts to define the main principles and instruments of German foreign policy. These include lessons learned from the past failures of Ostpolitik as outlined in a recently published DGAP Analysis. Against this background, we will deliberate on what a future-oriented German strategy toward Russia should entail – also in terms of defense investment and the integration of Ukraine into the EU. Further, we will assess the future of the EU’s Eastern neighborhood and the conditions under which Berlin could regain the trust of the EU’s member states and transatlantic partners to help shape it.

Chair and Introductory Remarks:

Stefan Meister, Head of the Center for Order and Governance in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia at DGAP


Nils Schmid, MP, SPD Parliamentary Group Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs in the German Bundestag

Sylvie Kauffmann, Editorial Director and Columnist at the French newspaper Le Monde

Josef Janning, Senior Associate Fellow at DGAP

Please register here: This event will be held in English and under the Chatham House Rule.

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