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A Pragmatic Policy Toward Russia

Germany Should Strengthen Its Negotiating Position

Russia’s global importance is growing – along with its support for authoritarian stability, internal repression, and interference in other countries’ internal affairs. Under its current leadership, Russia is not a responsible partner in international crises; instead, it exploits them to improve its own negotiating positions. Over the past ten years, Russia and Germany have turned away from each other. Although the limits of their cooperation will be felt in Germany’s next electoral term, Germany needs a pragmatic policy toward Russia.

German Election 2021

Germany’s 2021 federal election marks both the end of Angela Merkel’s 16-year chancellorship and the realignment of German foreign and security policy. It presents an ideal opportunity for DGAP to offer the future German government constructive recommendations for action based on its foreign policy expertise on geo-economics, technology, climate, migration, international order, and security. We invite you to engage in dialogue with us through the publications and events in this dossier.

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